Indoor Activity For Kids:

Drawing to music art

This activity takes art to a higher level by letting the kids listen to music first, then drawing what the music makes them feel.

It's a simple activity where you only need art supplies and paper with no setup. Because it is so simple, you can do this activity with your kids tonight.

This activity is inspired by ideas from Drawing to music art.

This activity is great to teach your kids:

Fine motor skills involve movement of the smaller muscle groups in your child's hands, fingers, and wrists.

Developing fine motor skills will help your child to write and prepares her for school. But it will also help your children with everyday tasks like eating, and dressing themselves.

Creative activities help children express themselves and create something from nothing, explore materials and activities and use their imagination.

Colour recognition activities helps children get to know the different colors and color blending and matching.

Step 1

Gather all the supplies

Step 2

Play a song to your kids

Step 3

Tell them to draw what the music makes them feel like

I bought new paint pens and when my toddler daughter saw it, she couldn't wait to try it out. I put on her favorite nursery rhymes and told her to draw how the music made her feel.

The wheels on the bus was on and I asked her if she was going to draw a bus. She drawed a few shapes and it really looked like a bus.

After giving her a little background I will usually ask her to draw how the music makes her feel. We will listen to it once and I will ask her what the music makes her think of. If nothing comes to mind I will help her by discussing my own feelings.