Indoor Activity For Kids:

Sensory tea time play

This sensory quiet time activity is a very creative way of using your kid's teaset without using water or just air - use rice instead!

You simply fill a sensory bin with rice, add a toy teaset, and voilà - imaginary sensory play.

This activity is better with one kid at a time (except if you have two teapots).

This activity is inspired by ideas from Sensory tea time play.

This activity is great to teach your kids:

Fine motor skills involve movement of the smaller muscle groups in your child's hands, fingers, and wrists.

Developing fine motor skills will help your child to write and prepares her for school. But it will also help your children with everyday tasks like eating, and dressing themselves.

Creative activities help children express themselves and create something from nothing, explore materials and activities and use their imagination.

Sensory play is play that involves all the senses - taste, sound, sight, touch and smell. Sensory play is very beneficial to children. Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play is also very relaxing and rejuvenating to children.

Step 1

Add everything to the sensory bin

Step 2

Invite your child to play with the sensory bin

Step 3

Gather all the supplies

This sensory tea quiet time activity kept my kids busy for a while so that I can do a bit of work. They love to play with dry rice and the element of the tea set added an extra excitement to the activity. The teaset I bought was a good investment.

They also both loved filling up the tea pot which had a big enough spout to pour the rice back through. It made a lovely relaxing sound as the rice trickled through and back into the bin. Ivy loved just grabbing handfuls of rice and watching the grains slip through her fingers, she could have done that all afternoon.