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Easy Easter activities for kids

Hi. It’s Sumari from EasyHealthyKids.com.

Happy Easter (almost)! My son was so excited this morning when he heard on the radio that Easter is coming. I also have some fond memories from Easter as a kid (one involving me getting stuck in a tree).

This week's I share 4 of our favorite and super-easy Easter activities. Just buy some plastic Easter eggs and you are set to go.

This activity is an adventure for your kids: to discover what is hidden in the Easter eggs that they’ve rescued. Is it a letter? A number? A fun toy?

Tape a few plastic Easter eggs in a sensory bin in a few different ways and let your kids rescue it with a laddle. For Easter you can add a few chocolate eggs to the bin.

I like this activity because you can use any Easter eggs in this activity but plastic eggs are best because you can add interesting items to the plastic eggs such as letters numbers and other small items. It's great hand eye coordination practice and are sure to keep your kids busy for a while.

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This is another great and simple activity to use your plastic easter eggs.

It allows free play and kids can make up their own games with the Easter eggs and water.

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My kids love sensory bins filled with rice. And this activity adds plastic Easter eggs to the mix.

It’s really a beautiful looking sensory bin, and you can add whatever you have or want.

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I like this activity because it's so simple, it uses Plastic Easter eggs and it can involve more than one child.

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