Art Activity For Kids:

Ice painting

This is such an interesting and easy activity. You freeze a block of ice and let your kids paint it.

This activity is inspired by ideas from Ice painting and Ice painting.

This activity is great to teach your kids:

Sensory play is play that involves all the senses - taste, sound, sight, touch and smell. Sensory play is very beneficial to children. Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play is also very relaxing and rejuvenating to children.

Step 1

Freeze a few containers of water

Step 2

Take out the ice a few minutes before planting

Step 3

Add the ice to a Sensory bin

Step 4

Supply the ice and some paint to your kids and invite them to paint the ice blocks.

I bought a bag of ice and my son said he wants to make it all the colors so I thought “Yes it's great for painting”.

I divided the ice into two big blocks and got out the washable paint. Both my kids loved to paint the ice and it looked very pretty.

Need a fun and easy toddler activity. Ice Painting activity for toddlers is great for a sensory activity that will keep your toddler or preschooler busy!
You know those days when you just want a super simple activity to keep the kids busy? Those days when you just want to open the cabinet and pull out 1 or 2 items that will just WOW them while you go read a book?