Indoor Activity For Kids:

Rainbow rice sensory bin

I always thought that making rainbow rice would be complicated, but it's actually very easy, and it dries in about 1 hour or less.

It looks so much more fun to play with rainbow rice than with plain rice and you can keep it, so your kids can play with it again and again.

This activity is inspired by ideas from Rainbow rice sensory bin.

This activity is great to teach your kids:

Creative activities help children express themselves and create something from nothing, explore materials and activities and use their imagination.

Colour recognition activities helps children get to know the different colors and color blending and matching.

Sensory play is play that involves all the senses - taste, sound, sight, touch and smell. Sensory play is very beneficial to children. Research shows that sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways, which lead to the child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks. Sensory play is also very relaxing and rejuvenating to children.

Step 1

Gather all the supplies

Step 2

Dye the rice and let it dry.

Dye the rice and let it dry. Add 1 cup of rice in a zip lock bag, add half teaspoon vinegar and food coloring. Let it dry.

Step 3

Add the dried rice to a sensory bin and give it to your kids to play

It was surprisingly easy to make the rainbow colored rice beforehand and it was fairly dry after mixing but I let it dry for 20 minutes just in case.

It looked gorgeous in the sensory bin and kept my kids playing quietly for 20 minutes while I had green tea.

It is mixed now and looks gorgeous mixed, ready to play with next time.

The cleanup was a bit much though, but nothing unbearable. My son had fun transporting the rainbow rice out of the kids swimming pool I have kept the rice in. I would do rice play again, the peace and quiet is worth the bit of cleanup.

A rainbow rice sensory bin is no joke. Can you even wrap your adult brain around all the fun of playing in a bin this colorful, this full of potential, and this easy to work with? It is (no hyperbole needed) one of the best easy toddler activities.