Kids Activities With Googly Eyes

Googly eyes turn ordinary crafts, arts and activities into something special. But it is not suited for smaller kids since it is a choking hazard. But use your judgement , you know your kids best. I like to use eye shape stickers instead of googly eyes because fear of choking.

Googly eyes make any activity fun. Just make sure to buy bigger googly eyes for smaller children so that they don’t choke on it.

Googly eye creations

This googly eye creations activity is a creativity starter. Its such an inviting activity where kids can turn the two eyes into a number of things. Will they make a monster, a person or an animal? Just glue two eyes to a piece of paper or two and supply it to your kids with some markers or crayons. If you don't have googly eyes, you can also buy some eye stickers for later use.

Feed the turkey

In this activity you get to make a simple and fun toy for your kids. They get to scoop and transfer pom poms into the turkey's mouth.