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Kids activities inspired by World Earth Day

Hi. It’s Sumari from EasyHealthyKids.com and this week I have some of our favorite World Earth Day inspired kids activities.

My son loves playing computer games - it is definitely his favorite thing to do. But, when I think about Earth Day, I imagine kids reconnecting with Earth, away from technology.

These 4 activities are perfect for Earth day and will help kids connect with nature…away from technology.

I like this activity because it's like playing with playdough, but instead you play with clay.

This activity combines finding things in nature with art and creativity…and it’s also lots of fun!

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Not only does this activity make a beautiful art work in the end, but it's a great sensory activity that uses only a few supplies.

You can let your kids work together on one artwork (if they are ok with it), or make each child's hand print a different color.

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I love kids activities where you don't have to buy anything to play.

In this activity you let your kids build with recycled materials, helping you to reuse it before recycling.

It is a great activity to hone their creativity skills, and help them focus on one thing.

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Not only is this activity mess free, but it uses common household items such as paint and paper bags.

It also makes a beautiful work of art that looks like Earth.

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Talk to you next week.


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