Kids Activities With Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are another great supply for many different ways to play with it. You can paint with cotton balls, use it in a sensory bin, scoop and transfer and much more.

Cotton balls are small balls made from cottonwool and can be used for kids activities such as painting with cotton balls.

Cherry blossom cottonball painting

I like how this cotton ball painting activity helps kids create a beautiful art work easily and kids of all ages can do this painting. You also only need a few supplies to do this activity.

Painting with water and cotton balls

This painting with water activity for kids are so simple and mess free. You just need water and cotton balls. Colored paper is great to have on hand. Just give your child some colored paper, a bowl full of water and cotton balls and they can paint with the water.

Cotton ball painting

I like how you create new fun paint brushes with this cotton ball painting. Just pinch cotton balls with the clothes pins and your kids are ready to play.